Wants List

I am not interested in damaged coins. Coins with edge knocks, bruises, evidence of cleaning, artificial toning, tooling, carbon spots, verdigris, environmental damage, excessive reduction marks etc etc will only be considered if the overall eye appeal is still attractive.

Eye appeal is as important to me as grade, and it is the [eye appeal – grade – price ] combination that guide any purchasing decisions.

Current wants list in monarch order

  • Charles I
      • Tower Mint halfcrowns in VF or better – type 1a3 (S. 2766), type 4 mm. (P) (S. 2779A), transitional type 4/5 (S. 2779B)
      • James II – shilling, sixpence, VF or better – S. 3410-3413
  • William and Mary – crown, GVF or better, S. 3433, shilling GVF or better
  • William III
    • 1699 roses sixpence GVF or better
    • 1701 plumes halfcrown
    • 1696 or 1697 uppercase Y York shilling or sixpence
  • Anne
    • LIMA Shilling and crown in GVF+708 plumes crown S. 3602 in VF+
  • George I
    • Half Crown in GVF or better
    • Any roses and plumes sixpence in VF+
  • George II
    • 1739 or 1741 Roses Crown S. 3687 VF+
    • 1728 plain shilling S. 3699 GVF+ (upgrade)
    • 1727-1732 Roses and Plumes Shilling S. 3698 GVF+
    • 1728 plain sixpence S. 3705 GVF+
    • 1728-1736 Roses and Plumes sixpence S. 3707 GVF+
  • George III
    • 4 Reales over-stamped half dollar (any mint) in VF or better
    • 8 Reales over-stamped octagonal dollar (any mint except Potosi) in VF or better

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A collection of predominantly English coins from the Tudor era to the present day

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