William III, 1694-1702

Key Events

 1694 Death of Mary. William now rules alone.
 1697 Peace of Ryswick ends the war with France.
 1697 First Civil List Act passed
 1701 The Act of Settlement establishes Hanoverian and Protestant succession to the throne.
 1701 James II dies in exile in France. French king recognizes James II’s son James Edward (The Old Pretender) as “James III”.
 1701 William forms grand alliance between England, Holland, and Austria to prevent the union of the French and Spanish crowns.
 1702 William dies after a riding accident. Stuarts in exile toast ‘the gentleman in black velvet’ in the belief that his horse stumbled on a mole hill.  He is succeeded by his sister-in-law Anne.


1696 Crown first bust edge OCTAVO

S. 3470 Bull 995 ESC 89

Slabbed and graded LCGS 50 (GVF)

1696 Halfcrown Exeter Mint OCTAVO large shields, early harp

S. 3484 Bull 1070 ESC 526 Rated R2 (very rare)

1696 Shilling first bust Chester Mint

S. 3499 Bull 1165 ESC 1082 (scarce)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 40 (VF)

1696 Shilling first bust York Mint

S. 3502 Bull 1191 ESC 1086 (scarce)

1696 Sixpence Bristol Mint later harp, first bust, small crowns. no stops on obverse

S. 3532 Bull 1259 (R2) ESC 1548 (R3)


Ex. Dr. Miller collection, purchased by Spink in 1977

1696 Sixpence Norwich Mint early harp, first bust, large crowns

S. 3524 Bull 1288 ESC 1538 (scarce)

1697 Sixpence Bristol Mint later harp, third bust, large crowns

S. 3539 Bull 1266 ESC 1568

1697 Sixpence later harp, third bust, small crowns

S. 3542 Bull 1238 ESC 1567 (rare)

1698 Sixpence Third Bust, Plumes in Angles

S. 3546 Bull 1244 ESC 1575 (R – Rare)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 65 (GEF)

1700 Halfcrown DVODECIMO

S. 3495 Bull 1043 ESC 561

1700 Shilling, fifth bust, tall 0s in date

S. 3516 Bull 1150 ESC 1121 (scarce)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 65 (GEF)

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A collection of predominantly English coins from the Tudor era to the present day

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