Henry VIII, 1509-47

Key Events

 1509  Henry accedes to the throne on the death of his father, Henry VII.
 1509  Henry marries Catherine of Aragon, daughter of the Spanish King and Queen, and widow of his elder brother, Arthur
 1511  Henry joins the Holy League against the French. All men under the age of 40 are required to practise archery.
 1513  The English defeat the Scots at the Battle of Flodden Field. James IV of Scotland is killed.
 1515  Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York, becomes Chancellor and Cardinal.
 1516  Catherine gives birth to Princess Mary (later Mary I).
 1517  Martin Luther publishes his 95 theses against the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church.
 1518  The Pope and the Kings of England, France, and Spain pledge peace in Europe
 1520  Henry holds peace talks with Francis I of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold, but fails to get support against Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire.
 1525  Hampton Court Palace is completed. William Tyndale publishes The New Testament in English.
 1526  Cardinal Wolsey re-establishes the Council of the North
 1527  Henry seeks permission from the Pope to divorce Catherine of Aragon but is refused.
 1529  Cardinal Wolsey is accused of high treason for failing to get the Pope’s consent for the divorce, but dies before he can be brought to trial.
 1529  Sir Thomas More becomes Chancellor. Henry starts to cut ties with the Church of Rome.
 1531  The appearance in the sky of Halley’s comet causes widespread panic and talk of holy retribution
 1532  Sir Thomas More resigns from the Chancellorship over the erosion of Papal authority.
 1533  Thomas Cranmer is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury and annuls Henry’s 24-year marriage to Catherine of Aragon.
 1533  Henry marries Anne Boleyn.
 1533  Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth I) is born.
 1533  Pope Clement VII excommunicates Henry
 1534  The Act of Supremacy is passed, establishing Henry as head of the Church of England.
 1535  Sir Thomas More is executed after refusing to recognize Henry as Supreme Head of the Church of England.
 1535  Thomas Cromwell is made Vicar-General and starts plans to seize the Church’s wealth.
 1535  First complete English translation of the Bible by Miles Coverdale
 1536  Anne Boleyn is executed and Henry marries Jane Seymour
 1536  The Act of Union between Wales and England.
 1536  Thomas Cromwell begins the dissolution of the monasteries under the ‘Reformation’. .
 1536  Great northern rising, known as the Pilgrimage of Grace against the dissolution of monasteries.
 1537  Jane Seymour dies giving birth to Edward (later Edward VI).
 1539  Parliament passes the Act for the ‘Dissolution of the Greater Monasteries’. The abbots of Colchester, Glastonbury and Reading are executed for treason.
 1540  The last of the monasteries to be dissolved is Waltham Abbey.
 1540  Henry marries Anne of Cleves in January but the marriage is annulled in July
 1540  Execution of Thomas Cromwell on a charge of treason.
 1540  Henry marries Catherine Howard.
 1541  Beginning of the Reformation in Scotland under John Knox.
 1542  Catherine Howard is executed for treason.
 1542  James V of Scotland dies and is succeeded by his 6 day old daughter Mary Queen of Scots.
 1543  Henry marries the twice-widowed Catherine Parr, his sixth and last wife.
 1543  Treaty of Greenwich proposes marriage between Henry’s son Edward and Mary Queen of Scots. However it is repudiated by the Scots 6 months later who want an alliance with France.
 1545  Henry’s flagship The Mary Rose sinks in the Solent
 1546  Henry becomes increasingly ill with what is now believed to be syphilis and cirrhosis.
 1547  Death of Henry at the age of 55, survived by Catherine Parr


H8_Groat_02_mm_Arrow_04_ex_St_James_Sept_2015_Lot_47_2400Henry VIII Groat S. 2337E mm Arrow ex St.James Auction September 2015 Lot 47

Crown of the Double Rose 1526-29 (Not mine!)

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