Edward VII, 1901-10

Key Events

 1901 Edward VII becomes King on the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.
 1901 Australia is granted dominion status.
 1902 Arthur Balfour becomes Prime Minister.
 1902 First trans-Atlantic radio transmission
 1902 Edward VII institutes the Order of Merit.
 1902 Empire Day is celebrated for the first time.
 1902 Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories published.
 1903 Wilbur and Orville Wright of the US make the first manned and controlled aircraft flight.
 1903 The Women’s Social and Political Union, demanding votes for women, is founded by Emmeline Pankhurst.
 1904 Britain and France sign the Entente Cordiale, settling outstanding territorial disputes.
 1904 Sigmund Freud publishes Psychopathology of Everyday Life.
 1904 Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie is published.
 1905 Motor buses are first used in London.
 1906 Construction of HMS Dreadnought
 1907 Edward VII visits his cousin Tzar Nicholas II of Russia
 1907 Taxi-cabs are legally recognized in Britain for the first time.
 1907 Baden-Powell takes the first ever group of boy scouts on holiday to Brownsea island, Dorset.
 1907 Parliament rejects Channel Tunnel scheme.
 1907 New Zealand is granted dominion status.
 1908 Production of Ford motor cars begins.
 1908 Publication of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
 1908 The fourth Olympic Games are held in London.
 1908 Herbert Henry Asquith becomes Prime Minister.
 1908 The Triple Entente is signed between Russia, France, and Britain.
 1908 The Children’s Act establishes separate juvenile courts to try children.
 1908 Old Age Pensions established in Britain for all over 70 years old with an income of less than ten shillings per week.
 1909 The People’s Budget is introduced by Lloyd George
 1909 The Women’s Suffrage movement becomes more militant in their fight for votes for women.
 1909 Introduction of Labour Exchanges
 1909 French airman, Louis Blériot, makes the first cross-Channel flight from Calais to Dover.
 1909 First rugby match to be played Twickenham takes place.
 1909 First Boy Scout Rally is held at Crystal Palace, London.
 1910 Constitutional Crisis is caused by the House of Commons’ attempt to curb the power of the House of Lords.
 1910 Edward dies of pneumonia at Buckingham Palace.


1902 Crown matt proof

S. 3979 Bull 3562 ESC 362

Slabbed and graded LCGS 88 (BU-NFDC )

The finish of these coins was matte, completely different to the usual polished brilliance of earlier sets (and for that matter) later sets. The process to create the matte proofs was developed in the preceding decade in Belgium and was adopted by the Royal Mint to make the 1902 sets. Coin-collecting folklore says that the Royal Mint workers disliked the finish greatly and wiped the coins as they came out of the presses on their leather aprons to give them a more brilliant appearance.

1902 Half Crown matt proof

S. 3980 Bull 3568 ESC 747

Slabbed and graded LCGS 85 (Choice UNC – BU)

1902 Half Crown (currency issue)

S. 3980 Bull 3567 ESC 746

Slabbed and graded NGC MS63 (aUNC)

1902 Florin matt proof

S. 3981 ESC 920

Slabbed and graded CGS 88 (BU-NFDC ). Joint finest known 1 out of 43 as at 12/01/2021

1902 Shilling matt proof (sold)

S. 3982 ESC 1411

Slabbed and graded LCGS 85 (Choice UNC – BU)

1902 Shilling matt proof

S. 3982 ESC 1411

1902 Sixpence

S. 3983 Bull 3597 ESC 1785

1902 Sixpence matt proof

S. 3983 Bull 3598 ESC 1786

1902 Matt Proofs, Maundy Fourpence – Penny

1902 Circulation Maundy Fourpence

S. 3986

1902 Circulation Maundy Threepence

S. 3987

1902 Circulation Maundy Twopence

S. 3988

1902 Circulation Maundy Penny

S. 3989

1902 Penny high tide dies 1 + B straight top to E in PENNY Freeman 157

Slabbed and graded CGS 85 (Choice UNC )

1902 Halfpenny

1902 Coronation Model Half Farthing

1902 Third Farthing (for use in Malta)

Peck 2241

Slabbed and graded LCGS 88 (Choice UNC )

1903 Farthing

S. 3992

1904 Florin

S. 3981 Bull 3580 ESC 922 (rare)

1906 Florin (sold)

S. 3981 Bull 3582 ESC 924 (scarce)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 75 (aUNC)

1906 Shilling Dies 2A

S. 3982 Davies 1557A Bull 3592 ESC 1415

Slabbed and graded LCGS 75 (UNC or near so)

1909 Sixpence

S. 3983 Bull 3605 ESC 1793 (scarce)

1910 Penny

S. 3990

1910 Halfpenny

S. 3991

1910 Farthing

S. 3992

Slabbed and graded LCGS 70 (AU)

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