The arms were officially granted on 1974.

The two lions are the lions of England and symbolise the fact that Berkshire is a Royal County. The embattled border is intended to represent the castles in Berkshire, among these is the famous Windsor Castle.

The lion supporter is also a royal symbol. The lion is wearing a collar with the rose of Tudor, a symbol for the founding of Eton College by King Henry VI.

The black horse represents the county’s considerable connections with horse racing. The old local breed of horses was, according to historical sources, black. The horse wears a collar with a six-pointed star, referring to the six boroughs and districts in the county. The star also refers to Sir William Herschel, the famous astronomer. The crest symbolises the stags and forests of Windsor Forest, and has been the badge of the County since the 14th century.

A collection of predominantly English coins from the Tudor era to the present day

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