Henry VII, 1485-1509

Key Events

1485  Henry becomes King after defeating Richard III of York at the Battle of Bosworth Field. The Wars of the Roses are ended.
 1486  Henry marries Elizabeth of York, thereby uniting the houses of York and Lancaster.
 1487  Henry crushes a revolt by the Earl of Lincoln on behalf of Lambert Simnel, a claimant to the throne, at Stoke.
 1491  Henry invades France but at the Treaty of Etaples agrees to withdraw English forces in return for a large sum of money
 1492  Perkin Warbeck an impersonator who claims he is Richard the younger of the Princes in the Tower attempts to overthrow Henry, but is defeated and put to death in 1499.
 1492  Christopher Columbus crosses Atlantic and lands in San Salvador, Cuba and Haiti which he calls the ‘West Indies’ in the belief that he has sailed around the World to India.
 1497  John Cabot sails west from Bristol on the Matthew and discovers New-found-land. He believed it was Asia and claimed it for England.
 1499  Perkin Warbeck is hanged in the Tower of London. The Earl of Warwick is also executed.
 1501  Catherine of Aragon, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, marries Prince Arthur, Henry’s eldest son.
 1502  Prince Arthur dies, and Prince Henry (the future Henry VIII) becomes heir to the throne, later marrying Arthur’s widow, Catherine of Aragon.
 1503  Margaret, Henry’s daughter marries James IV of Scotland. The marriage gives James’ descendants a claim to the English throne.
 1503  Death of Elizabeth of York, Henry’s wife.
 1509  Henry VII dies at Richmond Palace, at the age of 52.


h7_groat_cross_pattee_ref_01367_01_01_1600Henry VII Groat mm Cross-crosslet 1504-5 S.  2258 (sold)

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