The arms were officially granted on November 1, 1976.

In 1972 a new Cambridgeshire County Council was created from the two counties of Cambridgeshire & Ely and Huntingdon & Peterborough.

The blue wavy pallets represent the many rivers of the County, while the straight pallets are for the drains and dykes that run through the Fenlands.

The bustard supporters are continued from the 1914 arms and the 1965 arms of Cambridgeshire and Ely, but with neck badges for the added areas of Peterborough (crossed keys) and Huntingdon (hunting horn). The motto combines that of the two old counties and translates as “Let us be wise with one heart”.

The motto is “Per Undas Per Agros” or “By water and land”.



1795 Cambridgeshire County Farthing Conder Token

Obverse: Beehive and bees

Reverse: Druid’s head to right

Edge: Milled

D&H Cambridgeshire No. 36 A, 34

A collection of predominantly English coins from the Tudor era to the present day

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