The arms were officially granted on 1939.

The entire achievement is made up of badges of the Yorkist and Lancastrian kings, commemorating the major part the county played in the Wars of the Roses. A rose has been used as a symbol of Northamptonshire since at least 1665. The red rose of Lancaster forms the main charge while two white roses of York are placed on the chief. The golden fetterlock was often combined with the white falcon in the crest as a Yorkist badge.

The silver falcon was originally a badge of King Edward III. The white hart of his successor, Richard II is the dexter supporter. The black bull that balances the design was originally a badge of Lionel, Duke of Clarence. He was the ancestor of the Yorkist kings and the bull became a royal badge, used as a supporter by King Edward IV.

The supporters also refer to Northamptonshire’s principal industries, symbolising the use of leather and hides in shoe manufacture. The bull also stands for the county’s agriculture. The two animals are bound by metal collars and chains that represent the iron and steel making industries.

The motto means A Rose, Symbol of Peace.


Northamptonshire Northampton Jobson Halfpenny Conder Token

Obverse: Bust to left. GEORGE JOBSON BANKER. Ex: 1 7 9 4

Reverse: A castle and lion, MAY NORTHAMPTON FLOURISH.


D&H Northamptonshire No: 1 A. 1

A collection of predominantly English coins from the Tudor era to the present day

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