George IV, 1820-30

Key Events

 1820 George IV accedes to the throne, having spent the last nine years as Prince Regent for his blind and deranged father.
 1820 A radical plot to murder the Cabinet, known as the Cato Street Conspiracy, fails.
 1820 Trial of Queen Caroline, in which George IV attempts to divorce her for adultery. She has popular support and the divorce proceedings fail.
 1821 Queen Caroline is excluded from George’s coronation.
 1821 Michael Faraday begins his experiments with electromagnetism
 1822 Charles Babbage proposes his difference engine, a mechanical calculator and forerunner of future computers.
 1823 The Royal Academy of Music is established in London.
 1823 The British Museum is extended and extensively rebuilt to house expanding collection.
 1823 Rugby schoolboy William Web Ellis, while playing football, picks up the ball and runs with it inventing Rugby Football.
 1824 The National Gallery is established in London.
 1825 Nash reconstructs Buckingham Palace.
 1825 Locomotion No.1, built by George Stephenson, pulls the world’s first passenger train for Stockton to Darlington.
 1828 Duke of Wellington becomes British Prime Minister.
 1829 The Metropolitan Police Force is set up by Robert Peel.
 1829 The Catholic Relief Act is passed, permitting Catholics to become Members of Parliament.
 1830 George IV dies at Windsor, aged 67.

1821 Coronation Medallion

Eimer 1146

Official Royal Mint issue


1821 Crown SECUNDO edge

S. 3805 Bull 2310 ESC 246

Slabbed and graded CGS 65 (GEF)

1821 Half Crown Dies 1A

S. 3807 Bull 2360 ESC 631 Davies 171

Slabbed and graded CGS 78 (UNC )

1821 Shilling

S. 3810 Bull 2396 ESC 1247

 ex. DNW Auction December 2017 Lot 1179

 Slabbed and graded LCGS 80 (Choice UNC)

1821 Sixpence

S. 3813 Bull 2421 ESC 654

1822 Farthing

S. 3822

1823 Half Crown

S. 3808 Bull 2365 ESC 634

Slabbed and graded LCGS 78 (UNC)

1824 Sixpence (to be sold?)

S. 3814 Bull 2425 ESC 1657

Slabbed and graded LCGS 82 (Choice UNC)

1824 Sixpence

S. 3814 Bull 2425 ESC 1657

1825 Halfcrown

S. 3809 Bull 2371 ESC 642

1825 Shilling

S. 3811 Bull 2402 ESC 1253 No stop after B in B P.

Slabbed and graded LCGS 80 (UNC)

1825 Sixpence (to be sold)

S. 3814 Bull 2427 ESC 1659

Slabbed and graded CGS 65 (GEF)

1825 Farthing S. 3822

Slabbed and graded LCGS 82 (Choice UNC)

last two Is in IIII struck over II

1826 Shilling

S. 3812 Bull 2409 ESC 1257

Slabbed and graded CGS 75 (UNC or near so)

1826 Halfcrown (sold)

S. 3809 Bull 2375 ESC 646

Slabbed and graded LCGS 75 (UNC or near so)

Second I in BRITANNIARUM has no top left serif. (Appears as a reversed 1)

1826 Penny Plain Saltire

S. 3823

1826 Halfpenny

Rev A 2 Lines on saltire ex. Noble Auction 74 November 2003 Lot 1752

S. 3824 Peck 1433

Slabbed and graded LCGS 70 (aUNC)

1826 Farthing

1827 Third Farthing (for use in Malta)

S. 3827

1828 Farthing

S. 3825

1829 Sixpence

S. 3815 Bull 2439 ESC 1666

Slabbed and graded LCGS 82 (Choice UNC)

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