Australia 1917 Penny

 Australia 1927 Florin

British Guyana 1 Stiver

The country we call Guyana today was originally three Dutch colonies: from west to east, they were Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice, named after the rivers which ran through them. For several years control of the area alternated between the Netherlands and Great Britain, with influence from France. Finally, in 1814, the Dutch formally ceded the colonies to Britain, in exchange for having Dutch Guiana returned to it. This history is reflected in this coinage: in 1813, the British are firmly in control and the British king’s portrait appears on the obverse of ‘stiver’ coinage, while the denomination ‘stuiver’ had been used by the Netherlands for centuries.

India 1933 1/12 Anna

Ceylon 1926 Half Cent

France 1979 50 Francs .900 silver

British West Africa 1952 Two Shillings

Russia Gold Lenin 0.4g 9mm

A collection of predominantly English coins from the Tudor era to the present day

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