James I, 1603-25

Key Events

1603 James VI of Scotland becomes King James I of England, Scotland, and Ireland after the death of Elizabeth I, uniting the thrones of Scotland and England.
 1603 The Millenary Petition is presented to James I. It expresses Puritan desires for reforms to the Church of England.
 1603 Plot against James to set his cousin Arabella Stuart on the throne. Sir Walter Raleigh is implicated and imprisoned.
 1604 The Somerset House Peace Conference results in peace between England and Spain.
 1604 The Hampton Court Conference fails to settle the doctrinal differences between the Anglican Church and its Puritan critics.
 1604 James proclaims that smoking is harmful to the lungs and imposes a tax on tobacco
 1605 Guy Fawkes and other Catholic dissidents attempt to blow up King and Parliament in The Gunpowder Plot. They are betrayed and arrested.
 1606 The Gunpowder plotters are executed. 120 colonists sail for America.
 1607 The Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnel end their rebellion against English rule of Ireland and flee to Europe; Ulster is colonized by Protestant settlers from Scotland and England.
 1607 The English Parliament rejects Union with Scotland.
 1607 Common citizenship of English and Scottish persons is granted to those born after the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English throne.
 1607 Jamestown found in America by the Virginia company
 1609 Scottish and English Protestants are encouraged to settle in Ulster
 1609 Shakespeare completes the Sonnets.
 1611 The King James Authorized Version of the Bible is published.
 1611 Dissolution of the first Parliament of James I.
 1611 Arabella Stuart secretly marries William Seymour. When James finds out Seymour is imprisoned but escapes with Arabella. They are captured on the way to France and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Arabella starves herself to death there in 1615.
 1612 Henry, Prince of Wales, dies of typhoid. His younger brother, Charles, becomes heir to the throne.
 1612 Heretics are burned at the stake for the last time in England.
 1613 James’ daughter Elizabeth marries Frederick V, Elector of Palatine. Their descendants in House of Hanover will eventually inherit the British Throne.
 1613 The Globe Theatre in London burns during a performance of Henry VIII
 1614 Second Parliament of James I meets.
 1614 Scottish mathematician John Napier publishes his theory of logarithms simplifying calculations for navigators.
 1615 George Villiers becomes James’s favourite.
 1616 Playwright William Shakespeare dies.
 1616 Raleigh is released from prison to lead an expedition to Guiana in search of El Dorado
 1617 George Villiers becomes the Earl of Buckingham.
 1618 Raleigh fails in his expedition and on his return is executed for alleged treason at Westminster.
 1620 The Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America in the Mayflower. They land at Cape Cod and found New Plymouth.
 1625 Death of James I, aged 58.


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