George II, 1727-60

Key Events

 1727 George II succeeds his father, George I.
 1729 Charles Wesley founds the Methodists at Lincoln College Oxford.
 1732 A royal charter is granted for the founding of Georgia in America.
 1732 Lord Frederick North born
 1734 Jethro Tull publishes essays on improving farming including the use of the seed drill.
 1736 Witchcraft is abolished as a crime.
 1737 Death of George’s wife, Queen Caroline.
 1738 John and Charles Wesley start the Methodist movement in Britain.
 1739 Dick Turpin, highwayman, hanged at York
 1739 Britain goes to war with Spain over Captain Jenkins’ ear, claimed to have been cut off in a skirmish at sea.
 1740 The War of Austrian Succession breaks out in Europe.
 1742 Walpole resigns as Prime Minister.
 1743 George leads troops into battle at Dettingen in Bavaria, the last British monarch to do so.
 1745 Charles Edward Stuart, ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, lands in Scotland and raises his flag for the restoration of the Stuarts. 2,000 Jacobites enter Edinburgh. Scottish victory at Prestonpans. Charles and his Jacobite army march South into England and reach Derby before turning back.
 1746 Scots defeated at the Battle of Culloden. Duke of Cumberland, the King’s 2nd son, ruthlessly represses the rebels and Scottish traditions.
 1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends the war of Austrian Succession
 1751 Death of Frederick, Prince of Wales. His son, George, becomes heir to the throne.
 1752 Britain adopts the Georgian Calendar. 1st January replaces 25 March as the first day of the year.
 1757 Britain declares war against France. Start of the Seven Years’ War.
 1757 Robert Clive wins the Battle of Plassey and secures the Indian province of Bengal for Britain.
 1757 William Pitt becomes Prime Minister
 1759 Wolfe captures Quebec from the French and establishes British supremacy in Canada.
 1759 First botanical gardens laid out at Kew
 1760 George II dies at the age of 76.

1727 Coronation Medal

Eimer 510



1727 Shilling Plumes

S. 3697 Bull 1694 ESC 1189 (scarce)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 50 (GVF)

1728 Shilling Plain Angles

S. 3699 Bull 1698 ESC 1191 (R2)

1728 Sixpence Plumes

S. 3706 Bull 1694 ESC 1189 (scarce)

1734 Crown Roses and Plumes

S. 3686 Bull 1662 ESC 119 (rare)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 60 (EF)

1734 Halfpence

S. 3717

1735 Halfcrown Roses and Plumes OCTAVO

S, 3692 Bull 1677 ESC 598 (Scarce)


Bt Spink eAuction 22/03/2022 Lot 817

Ex Glendining October 1974 Lot 131

1737 Shilling Roses and Plumes

Recut 3?

S. 3700 Bull 1711 ESC 1200

1739 Halfcrown Roses DVODECIMO

S. 3693 Bull 1679 ESC 600

ex DNW Auction January 2020 Lot 263

Slabbed and graded LCGS 70 (AUNC)

1739 Shilling Roses

  S. 3701 Bull 1716 ESC 1201

ex DNW September 2016 lot 1233

Slabbed and graded LCGS 70 (aUNC)

1741 Sixpence Roses

  S. 3708 Bull 1751 ESC 1613

ex Seaby September 1975

ex DNW February 2020 lot 138


1743 Crown Roses

S. 3688 Bull 1667 ESC 124

Slabbed and graded LCGS 40 (VF)

1743 Shilling Roses

S. 3702 Bull 1720 ESC 1203

1743 Sixpence Roses

  S. 3709 Bull 1752 ESC 1614

ex DNW February 2020 lot 139

1745 Halfcrown 5 over 5

S. 3694 ESC 1686 ESC 604 R2 (very rare)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 60 (EF)

1746 Crown LIMA

S. 3689 Bull 1668 ESC 125

Slabbed and graded LCGS 55 (NEF)

1746 Halfcrown LIMA

S. 3695A Bull 1688 ESC 606

ex Spink December 2014  Lot 655 (£420 hammer)

Slabbed and graded LCGS 70 (aUNC)

1746 Sixpence LIMA (for sale)

S. 3710A Bull 1757 ESC 1618

1746 Sixpence LIMA

S. 3710A Bull 1757 ESC 1618

1750 Shilling, wide O in date and 50 over 47

S. 3704 Bull 1732 ESC 1211 (scarce)

1754 Farthing

S. 3722

1758 Sixpence (to be sold)

S. 3711 Bull 1763 ESC 1623

Slabbed and graded LCGS 65 (GEF)

1758 Sixpence

S. 3711 Bull 1763 ESC 1623

1758 Shilling

S. 3704 Bull 1734 ESC 1213

H over lower H on reverse

Slabbed and graded LCGS 80 (Choice UNC)

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